New England Patriot Safety #37
Rodney Scott Harrison
Born December 15th, 1972 in Markham,
Illinois; 5th round pick from Western Illinois

Rodney is a Two-time Super Bowl Champion.
Rodney is the only player in NFL history to
have 30 interceptions and 30 Quarterback
sacks. Rodney played in the NFL 15 seasons.

He is the NFL’s all-time leader in sacks by a
defensive back (30.5).

Harrison was named a team captain in five of
his six seasons with the Patriots, including

During Football Season

Rodney will now be appearing on Pro Football
Talk every Monday 5-6 PM EST on NBC Sports

Rodney and Tony Dungee are on Wednesday
Evenings at 5pm Est. NBCSP station.
"Football Night in America Coach's Clicker".
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New England Patriots .vs Carolina Panthers in
Super Bowl XXXVIII, 32-29. He was injured late in the game.
Thx for allowing me to receive
these e-mails, it is gratifying  to
see how my hard work and
sacrifices have influenced and
impacted other peoples lives. I
realize that life is about others.
How you  treat them and how
you impact them. I ask that you
put your faith in  
the man upstairs and only he
can give you what you're
missing. Thx for everything,
Photo taken at Nashua Country Club Sunday February
13th. He flew up from Atlanta to see his fans.
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SB XXXIX Champions!
Super Bowl XLVIII

Broncos vs. Seahawks
6:30 PM (FOX)

Rodney was 0-2 championship weekend. 6-
4 for the playoffs.

Broncos dominated the Patriots.  They
were able to stop the run and force Brady
into mistakes.  The Patriots were over
matched, the injuries finally caught up to
them, Peyton Manning and the Denver
Broncos marched up and down the field.
They played an outstanding game.

Seahawks defense stepped up, forced
Kaepernick into mistakes and Sherman
shutdown Crabtree.

Jerry Rice's team beat Deion Sanders'
team at
the Pro Bowl 22-21.  I am not
if anyone cares, but the NFL is
trying to showcase the
ir stars, game
was competitive and the players played
a lot harder than they have the last
several years